Thank you EcoLogos &WaterDocs for making the sky the limit!

A reflection on participation in the WaterDocs@School programme, written by Jeremy W, Grade 8. 

Jeremy headshotLast year our Senior class started a project called K.A.R.S, (Kids against road salt) this project was about protecting the environment by using alternatives to road salt, which in my opinion was a success!  We made videos, and posters that went on our Facebook, Twitter & YouTube accounts showing the detrimental effects of road salt on our ecosystem. We also explained that road salt had many easy alternatives.

When our Documentary of our project was played at the School Recognition Day at the AGO, I felt very inspired and proud of the effort we put into the project. We really enjoyed the presentations at the Waterdocs film festival – especially Robyn  Hamlin talking about how she was able to get cities to ban water bottles! This made us feel that our voice, even though we are only 12 years old, can really make a difference!

So… This year instead of only doing a minimal amount of things to educate our local community, we have decided to take more direct action! For example, we have started writing letters to businesses and political figures around Mississauga and Toronto, to persuade them to stop promoting and selling road salt. We also have started making a massive 3D art project to can be placed on city property, advertising how we are contaminating our watersheds with garbage.

Through these projects, we can see that we are making a difference, not only on social media, but also in all of Mississauga & Toronto.  From doing small things like poster and videos, to maybe getting on a radio station, or even in the news. The sky is the limit for where our voices will reach!


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