Road Salt’s Damaging Effects Prompt Tech Alternatives


Original Publication Date: JAN 7, 2010 11:20 AM ET

Author: Jessica Marshall


People use cars. If they are on the highway, some people will think that road salt is a life saver. The problem is that more than 22 million ton of road salt used each year. The salt concentration of streams, lakes and groundwater is steadily increasing.  Salt  levels in other places are high enough to harm roadside plants and aquatic life. Although some people say “salt is a natural ingredient”, it doesn’t belong in our fresh water systems.

In Minneapolis, St.Paul, 260 pounds of road salt per person is used each winter. Chemicals like magnesium chloride and calcium chloride need to be used to melt ice and snow on the roads since road salt only works from 0 degree c to about  9.5c. In some places, there are also now using a salt solution on the roads prior to snowfalls to prevent ice from forming – this reduces the amount of salt needed as well as improves its effectiveness.

~Summary by Emmy N.


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