Russia’s Radioactive Road Salt

Working on the KARS project has opened my eyes about the dangers of using salt on the roads. I began thinking about what other countries with similiar climates might use. I found a few articles of what other countries use, I decided to look at Russia.

Moscow in Winter

Moscow in Winter

I found that in Moscow, Russia they use Radioactive Road Salt. A man who lives in Moscow says: “I can, of course, emotionally say that yes, we are being poisoned by radiation and scattered with something horrible. But if we put emotions aside, we have now gathered samples of chemicals from sidewalks and found out that substances prohibited years ago are being used once again. These include Radionuclides,” says Roman Kornilov of For Safety on Russian Roads, as cited by Kommersant daily.   

Moscow roads are de-iced with yellow halite. Yellow halite is described as “exceptionally harmful for people and nature.” SBG is an electrolyte slime of Solikamsk Magnesium Works, which means it  contains toxic elements. The thing  that is used on Moscow roads  is called  “Technical Salt.” It contains calcium chloride & sodium formate. It also contains K-40 (kalium-40), which takes 1.3 billion years to disintegrate and it belongs to materials of third-class radioactive danger.

Road Salt in Russia

Radioactive Road Salt in Russia

The scariest thing is that little children inhale evaporations from those chemicals!!!” I pity pets.”  is what was commented the day the article came out/ was posted. Did you know that the day Radio(radioactive) road salt is put down on the roads, no one in that area can go outside because of all the contamination?

My opinion on all of this is that its just plain scary. I would try to ultimately ban that and if people were seen using it they would be in deep trouble. T’m sad that kids have to live like that and inhale so many toxic gasses from all the Radio Road Salt. If I were living there, I would want to move to a place with fresh air and live a better and some what safer life.

For more info on Russia’s road salt  issue here is the link:

~ Written By: Erin M.


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