Shocking Facts about Road Salt

You may You may think that you know a lot about road salt after reading our recent blogs, but you are WRONG! There is so much that you probably don’t know about road salt, that are right here, in this blog.

salt on shoes

  • Road salt corrodes objects. It literally eats your car. Slowly.
  • Salt is a desiccant, meaning it attracts water to keep it wet.
  • If used at temperatures below -10°C, salt does NOT work.
  • When salt gets on the bottoms of your shoes, it will eat away at your car, inside-out.
  • In the USA, 17% of all salt is used on roads, while only 6% is used in food.
  • 45 billion kg of road salt is used in both Canada and USA total.
  • Road salt contains cyanide, which is a poisonous acid.
  • David Suzuki said that “A single glass of Toronto water contains about 10 billion billion chloride ions of salt.”
  • Road salt gets on or in between your pet’s paws, and when it goes to lick its paws, it can cause disease, cancer, leading to death.

Now that you know these, next time you step in a bit of road salt when you’re getting in your car, remember what it does. Or the next time you check how cold it is and you’re about to throw some road salt, remember what happens when it’s below -10°C.

Help stop road salt use and save our local watersheds!


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