Epic Views & Support!

A large part of our online campaign against Road Salt has been to regularly look at our website analytics and set goals for new posts and strategies for gaining new readers. It was very cool to see the views on our website and Facebook page growing week over week!

We started with no followers, but we have grown significantly over the little time we have been publishing on the web. We are so thankful that we have gotten this far to tell this many people about this, and continue to have new viewers read our blogs, watch our videos and share our infographics! 

KARS blog views

KARS Blog Views by Week

As evident in the picture below you see that we have reached many people from Facebook.We have reached 681 people on Facebook and have set the goal to double this next week! The Senior Class is very happy that we have reached so many people, how many people have supported us by sharing and liking our pages and all the people who have commented on our pages to give us feedback.

KARS Facebook Analytics

KARS Facebook Analytics


~By MC, JW, KF


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