How Road Salt Costs your Car!

When you use road salt it can harm the environment but that’s not the only thing it harms! It can also harm our cars because of all the different chemicals like magnetism chloride etc. Here are some ways that road salt can affect your cars:

Paint & Rust

When road salt gets on your car it will eat off your paint and that will lead to rust. To prevent your car from getting all rusty you will need to go for a car wash every now and than.


Road salt can affect your brakes on your car because the debris can build up on the brakes and cause them to bind.

Air Filters

Road salt can have an effect on the air filter, because the air filter is what cleans the air that passes through the engine area.

In conclusion my advice would be do not use road salt because cars help us to do everyday chores. So come on, make a difference and stop the use of road salt.

For more information, check out:

~ By B.R.


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