Initial Survey of Household Deicing Habits

road salt household useAt the onset of the KARS project, we surveyed almost 100 random GTA residents about their deicing habits during winter months. Some results were very surprising and led us to believe that a great deal more education was needed on this issue!

Of the 47% who already are using alternatives to salt on their household property, the most common alternatives were to use sand, kitty litter or to shovel more and let the sun melt the rest.The first question on the survey asked if people use road salt on their driveway. More than half (53%) of respondents replied that they did use salt on their driveway and/or sidewalk.

What was surprising in the results of the survey was that the majority of respondents  (61%) said that they were already aware of the impacts of road salt on the environment. With this percentage understanding the impact, we expected more people to already be using alternatives.

awareness of environmental impact of road salt

The last thing we asked was, ‘What stops you from using an alternative to road salt?’. We had expected that cost would be the most common factor, but instead “uneducated” was the most common response to this question with 22% of respondents admitting to not understanding the implications.

The KARS project has been designed to bring awareness to the impacts that road salt has on the environment and educate homeowners towards choosing eco-friendly alternatives during winter months!


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