KARS learns about EcoTraction!

This week, our class welcomed Ted Scaldwell from EcoTraction. We were so excited to have the opportunity to ask a local expert all of our questions about how Road Salt affects the environment and why it seems like nothing is being done about the problem!

ecotraction visits the KARS classroom

Before Ted came into our class, we took time to look through their website and watch several of the videos. We learned so much, but it also raised more questions for us.

When Ted arrived, he was bombarded with curious students, eager for more knowledge and fuel for our campaign! We weren’t disappointed. Ted was amazing, and took the time to answer all of our questions.

KARS tests ecotractionHe also brought samples of EcoTraction and took us outside to demonstrate first-hand how their innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to salt works. In short – we were amazed!

All of the claims from their website about how EcoTraction embeds itself into the top layer of ice, forming a traction barrier for pedestrians, was true. After the product had time to settle onto the ice, we tried walking across the ice and were able to feel the traction.

Ted also told us about other cities and sites that are using EcoTraction during winter months to prevent slips and falls by visitors. Among them are the Saddledome in Calgary, Saranac Lake in NY State, and Banff National Park. Star Academy is looking forward to our own trial of EcoTraction this winter to maintain safety on our sidewalk and schoolyard, while protecting our local environment!


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