KARS: Behind the scenes

The following is a recipe for achievement when working on a student-made movie:


  • A camera/video camera

  • People

  • A script

Selecting a theme/topic…

It depends if you are given a topic. If you are able to choose one yourself, good luck because I have no advice for you. If you are given a topic, make things up on the spot that are related to the topic. If you think that’s ridiculous, well…go find someone else for advice.

KARS Videography

Making the video…

Before you can do this, you need a script. There are two things you will find in a script: 1) Stage Directions (For example, *Walk into camera shot, jump. Walk out.*) and 2) The Dialogue (For example, “No! Don’t leave! Buy this item!”) Put that together, and you’ve got a full-fledged script. Now put it to use by getting your actors to rehearse their lines, etc., and then film. Now you’ve got your video.

Editing Process…

You’re not done yet. Now you have to edit your video. If there are scenes that you feel you don’t need or mistakes, cut them out using a film editor like iMovie. If there was an interview in the video, you may want to add their name using an editor. You can add credits in the end.


For me, the director of the film department, this process did not go as planned! It was often very difficult to reign in the group of students that were working together. We started out thinking that it was going to be very easy to film short, informative clips for this project, but in the end it took much longer than we imagined! At every stage, we had to revise our procedure and start again. The result, though, was much better than our first attempt. We definitely learned why it can take so long to bring  a movie through production!

~~By A.P.


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