Our Clay Watershed Models

The Senior Class made 3D models of watersheds out of clay. We sprinkled water over them to simulate rain and added “contaminants” on top to see where the contaminants ended up when it rained. Everything ends up in the lake….. By: Emmy N

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Thank you EcoLogos &WaterDocs for making the sky the limit!

A reflection on participation in the WaterDocs@School programme, written by Jeremy W, Grade 8.  Last year our Senior class started a project called K.A.R.S, (Kids against road salt) this project was about protecting the environment by using alternatives to road salt, which in my opinion was a success!  We made videos, and posters that went…


Too much salt in the water!

If you use too much road salt it can lead to killing plant,animals and other wildlife as well.The salt get’s into our waterways by either direct contact to  the drains or it would go in through the soil. But it doesn’t stop there road salts also threaten drinking water security. For example, the region of…


Labrador Tow Truck Drivers Against Road Salt

Labrador wants to use more sand. Or so says an article from CBC News. Labrador already uses sand on most of its central roads, but one notorious road, the North West River Road, uses salt, making the road slippery. According to the man interviewed, tow truck driver Blair Wagner, rust and salt-related problems were scarce…

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KARS 2.0 – Back in Action!

K.A.R.S is back! This year K.A.R.S has decided to take a more aggressive stance! K.A.R.S is taking a new step into the Road Salt action project, instead of just letting people know, KARS has decided to both inform and help people understand. We have gathered new research, stayed on top of all the newest Road…

Congratulations KARS

KARS Wins WaterDocs@School Film Fest!

Kids Against Road Salt had the special opportunity to participate in the 2014 WaterDocs @ School program! On March 26, 2014, we attended a special celebration day at the AGO for all of the schools who participated. The day was hosted by Bob Isenberger and included talks and performaces by Georgie Horton-Baptiste, Robyn Hamlyn and Rick Miller!…